Cemetery Diorama


This diorama from local artist Pete’s Papercrafts is of St. Roch Cemetery, the namesake for the entire surrounding neighborhood of St. Roch. The cemetery was founded by Reverend P.L. Thevis in 1874 during one of New Orleans’ Yellow Fever outbreaks. The reverend prayed to Saint Roch, the patron saint of protection from epidemics, asking him to protect the people of New Orleans during the epidemic. When nobody from the reverend’s church died of Yellow Fever, Thevis founded St. Roch Cemetery as part of his promise to Saint Roch for sparing his congregation from the epidemic. This chapel is still inside of St. Roch Cemetery and is particularly noteworthy due to the offerings left to those in recognition of answered prayers. The cemetery is well maintained by the current congregation and is actively used today.

Pete of Pete’s Papercrafts is a master of including small details in his dioramas. Look closely!

Made in New Orleans.

The product is packaged in a flat sleeve and created from 8 different layers. Included in the package are 8 connecting tabs that are needed for construction. Putting it together is easy, though from experience we recommend construction by those age 10 and above.

Assembled size: 3.8 x 5.8 x 2.5″

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