Inspirational Words Bracelet Collection


The Little Words Bracelet Project was started as a way to inspire a culture of kindness in women of all ages according to founder Adriana. The concept is simple, pick a word or phrase that means something to you. Wear the bracelet. Then, one day, when you meet a woman who could use the same inspiration, pass the bracelet, the inspiration, and the kindness on. The Little Words Project provides a site where the stories and locations of the bracelets can be tracked.

The Forever Family loves this idea, and we chose the “Be Happy” style of white block bracelet to share among ourselves. We will be wearing the bracelet and passing it back and forth as we travel the world and as we live and work in our beloved New Orleans. Follow our hashtags #ForeverKrewe and #ForeverHappy to see where our Little Words Bracelet ends up, and share your Little Words adventures with us!


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