Obituary Cocktail


Obituary Cocktail: The Great Saloons of New Orleans

by Kerri McCaffety

New Orleans plays host to more “gin joints” than any other place in America. Almost two hundred luminous photographs provide a visual tour of the architectural and cultural treasures still operating in the city — many housed in some of the oldest buildings in the country. Preserved in all their tattered splendor, these saloons allow a look directly into the past. Their histories are accompanied by lurid tales and whispered secrets disclosed on worn bar stools. Stirred and poured together, they serve up the stories of New Orleans cultural stew along with the fabled origins of the world’s first cocktail. Many original recipes for unique area favorites like the Sazerac, as well as other historic drinks, are introduced with each bar featured. Take a bar tour of New Orleans with Kerri McCaffety and listen closely as she dispels erroneous bar folklore and reveals the romantic true stories that prove even more fascinating.

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