Tamar Taylor Two Story Shotgun House


Few things represent New Orleans better than her architecture. Local artist Tamar Taylor captures the charm and whimsy that is so iconic to her adopted home with her hand-crafted replicas of New Orleans’ iconic shotgun houses. The shotgun house became a popular design because of our subtropical heat; the long, narrow homes with floor to ceiling windows and high ceilings allowed the houses to be openened to allow any breeze to flow through. You can still see these colorful homes throughout the neighborhoods in New Orleans, or you can take one home for yourself with Tamar’s beautifully detailed replicas.

All of Tamar’s pieces are cast plaster, painted in high quality acrylic, and embedded with a sturdy hook for easy hanging. Because each piece is handmade, they will vary slightly from the images depicted.

This two story shotgun measures approximately 8 x 5″.

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